A HUGE thank you! & a sad goodbye

I am very sad but relieved to announce that I have made the decision to close Fur Child Supply Co, after three amazing years in business I have decided to dedicate my time to other aspects of life right now.

In these few years we have achieved so much and met some incredible people, our Brunch Clubs have been one of the biggest things I am most proud of in this business, we managed to bring together people and their dogs from all over the north island of New Zealand and some of those meetings have created real friendships that have lasted. Within a few short months of opening we hosted a brunch club that just blew all expectation out of the water, selling over 200 tickets to The Secret Life of Pets 2 at a small cinema in Auckland, which raised incredible funds for the SPCA and gained media attention to a level we would have never expected. Bringing attention to our mission of making New Zealand a more accepting and dog friendly country.

This business started with a wicker bike basket and an idea, slowly growing into an online supply store of all things unique and useable when it comes to getting out and about with our dogs, we were proud to be one of the few dedicating our range to eco friendly goodies, using natural fibers and a reduced level of packaging and labeling, something that we are so stoked to see becoming the norm in this ever changing world of climate warriors.

I would like to thank all our incredible friends and dog parents for their support over the last 3 years. We hope to see you still rocking your FCSC gear.

Much love

xx Caitlyn (+ Fin & Mac)

Our pets are our family

Fur Child Supply Co. was created out of a love for all things dog related and a need to source affordable, quality and hard to find goods and gadgets for our four legged kids. It all stared with a hunt for the perfect dog bike basket and grew from there!

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Dog Gear

We've created the perfect collection of organic cotton collars, leads, harnesses, hoodies, PJ's and accessories for dogs of ALL sizes, no dog is too big or too small for our gear!

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Human Gear

From organic cotton tees to hoodies, PJ's, coffee cups and more, we have the perfect gear for dog pawrents

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What being "eco" means to us

Adventures with our four legged friends take us all over this wonderful planet we love to call home so we try really bloody hard to do our bit for M.Earth.

Since we started we made it our mission to create as little waste as possible, making a conscious decision to not have product swing tags, tissue paper, packaging or single use labels of any kind, while most companies have embraced the online shopping world with custom tissue papers, thank you cards, wrapping, plastic packaging and more, we decided to let our products shine for themselves, while those extras are always cute for 30 seconds until you open it, we decided that a cute shot for the 'gram wasn't worth the waste that just ends up in the trash right away. Our products will always come in recyclable cardboard boxes or compostable satchels. We choose not use bubble wrap or plastic wrapping of any kind, unless it is recycled.

A large selection of our hand made bandanas are made using 45% recycled material. And sourced from a factory that print everything to order - a revolutionary process that saves hundreds of litres of water per yard of fabric produced. 

We try to use cotton wherever possible, as natural fibers break down without leaving plastic remnants behind. We avoid polyester or plastic based fabrics wherever possible.

We have sourced recycled wool inners for all our travel mats.

All fabric off-cuts have been saved and we will continue to search for a recycling system to reuse our excess materials.

Our fabric products are mostly all made to order by us here in Hamilton, New Zealand meaning we make what we need, not creating excess to end up in a discount pile at the end of that line.

We will continue to do our best for the planet. Our promise is to never stop searching for better options and trying our best to reduce our footprint. 

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