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Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat
Dog booster Car Seat

Dog booster Car Seat

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The laws around the world and in New Zealand are starting to change regarding dog safety in and around vehicles. It won't be long before it is a requirement to restrain your dog inside the car. We think it makes perfect sense and have done so ourselves since Fin was a puppy. 
It means no distracted driver, they have a safe place to sleep, it contains any dog hair or muddy feet and most importantly it protects them against injury during sudden stops. 
In an accident a loose dog inside a vehicle becomes a projectile being, often resulting in serious or fatal injury to the dog and potential injury to passengers too.

Always restrain your dog in car seats from a chest harness with a D-ring on the back, never from a collar to avoid a possible neck injury.

Please note: for safety reasons, booster seats are best used in the back seat, unless front airbags are disabled. 

  • External size: (width x length x height): 39 x 49 x 32cm
    Internal size: 28 x 37 x 19cm (width x length x internal depth) 
  • Removable and washable micro suede cover 
  • non slip base
  • high density foam
  • Reinforced seatbelt pass through at rear 
  • Current Stock: Chocolate Brown. I do not currently have control over colour ordering. Grey is the last colour we stocked. 

Fin and Mac both fit into a seat each, they are relatively tall Lowchen/poodle crosses, standing at 38cm from shoulder to toe. 

Training tip: 
If you are unsure about your dog handling being restrained, start with placing the car seat inside and rewarding them for sitting in it for longer periods at a time. 
Eventually work up to fully restraining them in the seat and leave them in for longer periods of time before trying in the car and eventually getting moving. Start with small trips and build up from there.
Some dogs take to things quickly, others may need more time to adjust to a strange new thing. 


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CHEST measurements are the most vital for fitting dog apparel, neck and length are to give you an idea but please base your sizing of the chest measurements. 

 Luxe Dog Pajamas Sizing:

Chest (cm) Neck (cm) Length (cm)
Small 50 30 36
Medium 60 40 42
Large 72 50 46
Extra Large 90 56



Cotton Blend Dog Hoodies

CHEST measurements are the most vital for fitting a dog hoodie, neck and length are to give you an idea but please base your sizing of the chest measurements. 

Chest (cm)

Neck (cm) Length (cm)
Extra Small 28 22 20
Small 40 27 25
Medium 45 30 30
Large 50 33 35
Extra Large  53 38 40
2XLarge 58 40 45
3XLarge 68 45 50
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Dog Bandanas

Please note- measure your dogs neck and allow for 2 fingers of room around the neck.



Neck (cm)

Bandanas can be worn exactly to fit or you can order bigger and use the snaps to help hold a knot closed. 
Extra Small 25
Small 35
Medium 45
Large  57
Extra Large 71

Hand made Strap harnesses: 
(Neck and Chest are most important fit)

Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Front (vertical strap)
Small 25-42 34-55 15-21
Medium 37-57 42-73 18-27
Large 46-79 56-100 20-31

Luxe Human Pajamas Sizing:

Chest (cm) Hip (cm) Waist (cm)  (Elasticated)
Small 96 102 65
Medium 104 106 70
Large 112 122 76
Extra Large 120 124 83


Organic Cotton Tees (Unisex)

(Poochie Mama/The Dogfather)

Width (cm) (x2) Length
Mens XXS/ Ladies 8 38 65
Mens XS/ Ladies 10 42 68
Mens SML/ Ladies 12 46 71


Mens MED/ Ladies 14 50 74
Mens LRG/ Ladies 16 54 77
Mens XL/ Ladies 18 58 79
Mens XXL/ Ladies 20 63 81
Long sleeve tees (Womens)  Width (cm) (x2) Length (cm)
Extra Small 44.5 66
Small 47 68
Medium 49.5 70
Large 52 72
Extra Large 54.5 74
Human Crew Neck sweater (Womens) Width (cm) (x2) Length (cm) 
Extra Small 52.5 59.5
Small 55 62.5
Medium 57.5 65.5
Large 60 68.5
Extra Large  62.5 71.5
Human Hoodies (Womens) Width (cm) (x2) Length (cm)
Extra Small 51.5 59.5
Small 54 62.5
Medium 56.5 65.5
Large 59 68.5
Extra Large 61.5 72.5
Onesie Sizing:  0-3 M 3-6 M 6-12 M 12-18M 18-24M
Body Width (cm)  19 20.5 22 23.5 25
Body Length (cm)  36 39 42 45


Infant Tee Sizing: 


Body Width (cm) 21.5 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5


Body Length (cm) 28.5 30.5 32.5 34.5


Youth Tee Sizing: Size 2 Size 4


Body Width (cm) 31 34


Body Length (cm)  42 46