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Meet the models

Meet the Models
Just a few of our beautiful fur friends, we love how unique our squad is!


Named after our favourite TV detective, his official full name is Detective Sergeant Odafin Tutuola (Fin for short - only one N) almost always the smallest of his friends, and constantly told he's "not a real dog" he will out run any of his bigger friends and easily ace a 10km walk with energy still to burn. 
Breed: Lowchen/Poodle
Favourite Food: TREATS! Did someone say treats!?
Favourite Pastime: Snuggles, with anyone. Even strangers in the park.
Size: Only a 5kg little pupper - he's all floof!
Born: 2015
Best Friend: Mac and Toby
Favourite Human: Always Mama
Funniest Trait: Scared of shiny surfaces and floors after a few accidents when he was little. Will only walk on slippery floors with boots on, or will walk backwards out of a room to get to safety. He can even reverse his way around corners!



Hairy Macleary from Tamahere. Adopted from the pound by my parents, this little floof ball stole our hearts. He left my parents to come live with us as Fin's brother in 2020 at the age of 11
Breed: Lowchen/Poodle ( we think)
Favourite food: Raw essentials mixes or the cat's food (if he can sneak it)
Favourite pastime: Lying upside down on the couch all day
Size: 7kg of body, with chopstick little legs 
Born: Around 2009/2010
Best Friend: Fin and Dad
Favourite Human: Dad, the bringer of food
Funniest trait: Excitedly talking THE WHOLE WAY on car trips. (especially funny for a dog who doesn't bark)


Queen of the sass. Leah is the walking definition of resting bitch face. Leah was a rescue who throws sass at everyone, can hunt like nothing we've ever seen (literally snatches birds out of mid air) and snuggles like a little baby with her brother. Sister to Zeke, cousin to Fin
Breed: Ridgeback X
Favourite food:
Raw bones
Favourite past time: Playing fetch or swimming at the lake
Size: 23kg
Best Friend: her little sister Mila
Favourite Human: Dad
Funniest trait: If you stop patting her, she will nudge you until you keep going.


The BFG, this big dude is the softest loveable giant you ever will meet, mastiff cross and so unaware of his own size, Zeke was adopted 3 years ago as a younger sibling to Leah. Cousin to Fin and Mac. Zeke passed in July 2021. RIP sweet boy 💗
Breed: Mastiff x Lab
Favourite food: Everything
Favourite pastime: Snuggling
Size: 53kg
Born: 2013
Best Friend: Leah
Favourite Human: Dad
Funniest trait: Scared of burps, farts and thunder. Also loves to sit on people knees,  not realizing how big he really is. 



This loveable fluff cloud came home to our flat with us one stormy Sunday. He was lucky enough to have 3 flat mums for the first few years of his life. Hugely unaware of his own size, he grows a coat that could rival any real bear, along with the strangest hairy toes of any dog I've seen.
Breed: Unknown, possibly flat coated retriever, possibly part bear/wolf
Favourite Food: Leftover corned beef
Favourite Pastime: Sleeping and licking the faces of unsuspecting children
Size: 43kg
Born: 2013
Best Friend: Fin
Favourite Human: His mama, with his baby sisters Nat & Ainsleigh coming in a close second
Funniest trait: He can clear a table with one sweep of his tail. And he still thinks he's the same size as Fin