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Adjustable car seat belt with harness clip

Adjustable car seat belt with harness clip

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  • CLEARANCE - were $15, now $10
  • Adjustable nylon strapping 
  • Suits dogs of all sizes 
  • Can be adjusted between 55cm-77cm
  • Slight bungee stretch at one end 
  • Universal seat belt plug (I have personally tried it in my Mazda and Volkswagen) 
  • Black with reflective stripe 
The laws around the world and in New Zealand are starting to change regarding dog safety in and around vehicles. It won't be long before it is a requirement to restrain your dog inside the car. We think it makes perfect sense and have done so ourselves since Fin was a puppy. 
It means no distracted driver, but most importantly it protects them against injury during sudden stops. 
In an accident a loose dog inside a vehicle becomes a projectile being, often resulting in serious or fatal injury to the dog and potential injury to passengers too.

Always restrain your dog in the car from a chest harness with a D-ring on the back, never from a collar to avoid potential neck injury.

Please note: for safety reasons, dogs are best restrained in the back seat, unless front airbags are disabled. 

Training tip: 
If you are unsure about your dog handling being restrained, start with small trips with a passenger on hand to watch for the dog getting themselves worked up and tangled. 
Eventually work up to restraining them for longer and even try rewards with their favourite treat each time they get restrained. 
Some dogs take to things quickly, others may need more time to adjust to a strange new thing. 


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