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Basil Pasja Bike Basket

Basil Pasja Bike Basket

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Basil is the leading brand of bike accessories for over 40 years throughout Europe.

They are one of the few to supply high quality bike baskets for pets that are strong enough to carry something bigger than a chihuahua.

The Basil Pasja Bike 50cm Basket is the largest of the Pasja style, it could easily fit two small dogs and we find ours are able to comfortably lie down in it on their own. Pasja is a rear mounted wicker basket that attaches to a back rack on a bike.

This basket comes with a dome space frame for safety, a mat to line the basket and the adjustable universal clamp device SENNA, suitable for many models of luggage carriers and different tube-diameters (6-20 mm). 

  • Easy fitting and removal. 
  • Holds up to 15kg
  • Natural wicker basket
  • Space/dome frame for safe transport
  • Bonus mat included for comfort
  • Fitting hardware included - SIENNA suitable for many models of luggage carriers and different tube-diameters (6-20 mm). 
  • 52cm long  x 34 high (at the back) x 25cm high at the front x 35cm wide
  • Space/dome frame allows an extra 23cm of height - giving this basket a whopping 50cm of head room in the middle of the basket. 
We searched far and wide for a bike basket that could hold Fin and finally came across the front mounted Basil Pluto bike baskets. Imported from Europe, this is an ultra sturdy design that can hold up to 15kg. We have used ours for the last few years and absolutely love it! Since we now have Mac too, I knew it was time to spruce up the ride with a rear mounted basket. They each find both styles very comfortable and even Mac (at the age of 12) took to his first ride in the basket with ease.  The space frame gives them room to turn around while still keeping them safe and contained. We get so many comments when we use ours and it is so much fun being able to bring them along with us. 
We recommend popping your dogs favorite blanket in the bottom of the basket for a little extra padding and something familiar for their ride.
- Favorite weekend activity; Biking with to brunch!

We recommend removing the basket while transporting the bike on a vehicle bike rack.

Training tip: 
If you are unsure about your dog handling being restrained, start with placing the basket inside and rewarding them for sitting in it for longer periods at a time. 
Eventually work up to fully restraining them in the basket and leave them in for longer periods of time before trying on the bike and eventually getting moving. Start with small laps around the neighbourhood before heading out for longer rides. 
Some dogs take to things quickly, others may need more time to adjust to a strange new thing. 
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