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Little Green Dog Poop Bags

Little Green Dog Poop Bags

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Poop bags that dont shit on the environment.

We are so proud to add Little Green Dog poop bags to our store, a little homegrown NZ based company that aligns with our ethics and aims to protect the environment and old mate M.Earth. 

Most dog poop bags contain polyethylene, but Little Green Dog's alternative is made from PLA, PBAT, cornstarch, and glycerin. That’s it: a fully biodegradable, 100%-home compostable material, so you can clean up after your pup without sh*tting on the environment. 

  • Extra strong & extra thick
  • Leak proof & large (32cm x 22cm)
  • Plant based and will not degrade into microplastics

60 pack contains 5 rolls,  enough for a 2 month supply of once a day poop pick-ups. 

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